Can You Wear Pantyliners Daily?

No one likes being hindered when they are busy doing some important work. Especially for women, who already have to manage a week every month while menstruating. Moreover, we hate getting our panties bleached which ruins our favorite lingerie.

So, what should we do? You must have heard about panty liners. They protect your panties from getting stained and spotted. But is it safe to wear them on a daily basis?

Will panty liners cause any side effects if you wear them daily? 

The main purpose of using pantyliners is to prevent your lingerie from getting those white bleached sections that eventually ruin them altogether. So, what should you do to avoid that? Wear pantyliners on a daily basis. They are extremely convenient as they soak up the extra moisture after you pee, or have a discharge. Our panties get bleached because of the acidic nature of our discharge. The pH balance of the discharge is from 3.8 to 4.5 and therefore our panties need protection from that.

This saves your favorite and comfortable panties from getting ruined permanently and consequently, they stay as new as ever. They are very thin so you will not even feel like you are wearing something.

How many panty liners can you use in a day? 

Well, if you are wearing them on a daily basis, you need to remember that they are at the end of the day disposable products. And because they are retaining unwanted moisture, using them for longer hours is not suggested.

You should change a panty liner after 3-4 hours, and that way you can use multiple pantyliners in a day. Who can use it? Discharge is quite common so you can use it for that. Light period flow and pregnancy discharge are also thoroughly soaked up by pantyliners.


Floren pantyliners have a very soft texture. Additionally, they also have a subtle fragrance of tender coconut which will add up to the freshening experience. Seal the deal and seize the day without any hindrance and boost your confidence.


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