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Tired of your facial hair and visit to the parlors every now and then? Don’t worry, Floren has you sorted with its Facial Razor which makes your skin smooth & soft to touch.


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Frequently asked questions

Q. Will shaving my facial hair cause it to grow back thicker?
Ans. Shaving blunts the edges of hair, making it feel stubbly and coarse, may create the illusion that hair has become darker or thicker.
Shaving facial hair, however, doesn’t thicken it or change its color. It can make terminal hairs feel harder to the touch, until they grow out completely.

Q. Is it good to use razor on face?
Ans. Pretty much anyone who is looking to have smoother, softer skin may benefit from a facial razor. In fact, our experts say face-shaving can even help your products penetrate more deeply into your skin.

Q. Is it ok for females to shave their face?
Ans. Apart from removing hair, shaving also exfoliates skin. It removes dead skin cells from the superficial skin layers, which leads to a smoother and softer skin. Shave your face, and you will witness some immediate change and differences in your skin. It will be healthy and will glow like never before.

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