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Floren’s environment friendly and disposable Stand and Pee is here for you to have a more comfortable experience of contactless peeing. So why squat anymore when we have you sorted with our ultimate product from our toilet range!


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How to Use2

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How to use Stand And Pee?
Ans. Unzip your pants and move your underwear to the side or pull it down from the front. Then place the Floren Stand And Pee over your private area and get it tightly sealed, so there is no leakage. Then you just relax and start peeing.

Q. Can stand and pee leak?
Ans. Floren Stand And Pee won’t absorb urine and sheds moisture quickly, making no leakage for you to effortlessly pee.

Q. Is it reusable ?
Ans. No they are not reusable. Floren’s stand & pee is designed for one time use.

Q. Are they flushable ?
Ans. No, once used simply dispose them in the recycle bin or trash.

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