Underwear rules for Healthy Flora

There are numerous underwear miscalculations that most women make. Wearing wet underwear is one of them. Then is what it can do to your vaginal health.

 Maintaining underwear hygiene is a must when you talk about intimate health! And if the protocol is to be followed, wearing wet underwear is a big NO!

 We wear underwear for comfort and to keep our vagina clean and dry. Indeed though wearing underwear has a plethora of advantages, wearing wet underwear possesses a high threat of bacterial growth, poor odor, itching, and other unwelcome side goods.

 The stuffiness can come from not wiping yourself well after a bath or after a poop session, urinary incontinence, sweat or indeed redundant vaginal discharge.

 Innerwear is an essential element of good hygiene and maintains the health of your vagina. So, anyhow of the type of underwear, you prefer — comfortable cotton missions or commodity fancier you should be apprehensive that it can have an impact on your vaginal health.

Not wearing the right kind of undergarments can impact your overall comfort. However, you should stop and suppose again, If you’re one of those ladies who don’t watch wearing wet underwear sometimes. The vagina has enough sensitive skin that’s incredibly vulnerable to infections and the threat of vexation. “

 Catching infections increase with wearing wet underwear.

 How does wearing wet underwear affect your vaginal health?

You should avoid sitting in wet underwear after bathing because :
  1. Damp underwear can beget vaginal vexation, greenishness, or rashes.
  2. It can also lead to unwelcome effects like incentive infections in the vaginal area.
  3. Due to the infection, you may witness inflammation of the vagina, greenishness, violent itching, pain during urination, or coitus.
  4. This condition is relatively common but damp underwear can increase the threat for you because humidity allows the bacteria to grow at a faster rate.

It’s common enough to wear one brace of undergarments a day, but nothing is stopping you if you want to change it more frequently throughout the day. generally, it’s fine to be wearing one underwear for a day if there isn’t important vaginal discharge or sweat. But you shouldn’t be doubly ahead changing it if your vagina feels bothered with commodities.



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