How to Remove a Menstrual Cup Efficiently So That the Blood Doesn’t Spill?

Menstrual Cup Removal

Switching from pads to a menstrual cup is not an easy decision. However, educating oneself about how it can bring more comfort, more freedom to move around, and better sleep, gives one the impetus to make that much-desired switch. However, using menstrual cups can look technical even if they are not. You just need some practice to get your hands clean. Yes, clean and not dirty! We understand your apprehension about removing the menstrual cup.

How to remove the menstrual cup safely? 

But now you are wondering about one more thing- how to remove it so that you don’t make a mess everywhere. Don’t worry, here’s a guide to help you through the whole process. First, you need to relax! Now it needs to be done because you are panicking and that is making your vaginal muscles contract making it difficult for you to pull it out. Now, don’t focus on the stem part.

While you insert your index finger and thumb into your vagina, calmly press the part where the cup just begins or the base of the cup. Now, that will release the vacuum and you can gently pull it out. Remember, it is not unusual for women to experience this apprehension initially and once you get the hang of it, it will be a smooth ride thereafter.

How do you wash it? 

Then when you remove the menstrual cup, make sure to wash it with Floren Menstrual Cup Wash. It is made up of all-natural elements like tea-tree oil, aloe vera extracts, and neem giving it all the anti-bacterial properties it needs.

Washing the menstrual cup
Menstrual cup cleaning process

The best part about this wash is that it does not have SLS and Paraben which makes it perfectly pH balanced for the well-being of your vagina.

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Cup insertion should be safe. Washing it with soap or a handwash can lead to detrimental results which can affect the ecosystem of your vagina. So, make sure, you are using the right products for the maintenance of your cup.

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