Who Invented Menstrual Cup?

There was a time when the bulb was invented, and that point in human history changed the course of how the world functions now. Similarly, the invention of the menstrual cup is going to be the point by which the realm of menstrual hygiene is going to be revolutionized. But the question arises: how did it come into being?

Who introduced menstrual cups for the first time? 

The world of showbiz needs quite a lot of hustle. Maybe that was the reason why American actress Leona Chalmers. In 1937, she was the first woman to patent her runner’s cup. She got introduced to the concept of a menstrual cup during a bike ride.

And when she met Su Hardy, a British woman on her trip to Australia, she told her about it. So, when she got back to the UK, she did thorough research on the topic and replaced the rubber cup with a medical-grade silicone cup.

How is the menstrual cup market thriving?

After that, multiple brands have boosted the period cup economy, aiding women all over the world to choose a better alternative for their periods. Menstrual cups are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly period products. They can last you five years without any issues at all. There is no fear of leakage and you can absolutely go carefree about the issue of rashes and irritation which troubles a lot of women around the world. It will last you eight hours in one go and you can even go swimming in it!


The Floren Menstrual Cup is India’s first internationally certified period cup. It is made up of 100% medical-grade silicone. Moreover, you get 8 hours of leak-free and stain-free protection. So now, say goodbye to rashes and irritation with Floren Menstrual Cup.

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