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Eyebrow Shaper

SKU: FLGR-01-1

Say goodbye to the painful removal of eyebrow hair by going to the parlor. Tweak up your eyebrow game by trying new eyebrow styles with Floren Eyebrow Shaper.


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Floren Eyebrow Shaper is specially curated to meet the beauty needs of your eyebrows. Now get flawless eyebrows with Floren Eyebrow Shaper. Want thick eyebrows or extremely thin ones, or want to go for arching eyebrows? Don’t worry! With Floren Eyebrow Shaper get those smooth and to-the-point eyebrow shapes. Bringing Swedish stainless blade technology with a zigzag design to give you that perfect shape of the eyebrows.

Get those stunning eyebrows at home :

  • Compact design
  • Swedish Stainless Steel Blade
  • Firm grip
  • Zigzag pattern
  • Protective c


Wheat straw & European Stainless Steel Blade


How to use?

  • Apply gel on and around your eyebrows.
  • Stretch your forehead skin.
  • Carefully, start by removing the extra hair first.
  • Then gradually shave off the eyebrow hair to your desired shape.
  • Clean your face and razor.
  • Apply an ample amount of moisturizer on the shaved area.

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt to use Floren Eyerbow Shaper?
– No, not even a bit.
– The zigzag pattern of blade facilitates painless eyebrow shaping.
– Moreover, Swedish Stainless Blade helps you have a safe eyebrow shaping experience.

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