Which Menstrual Cup Size Is Best for You?

Menstrual cups are the new hot issue among the three generations. Be it millennials, Gen X, or Gen Z, today’s generation is looking for more comfortable and eco-friendly options for their periods. And that’s how menstrual cup come into the picture. An escape from the uncomfortable feeling of wearing pads and dealing with rashes and irritation during periods is the main eye-catcher for the menstruating audience.

However, the issue with the sizing of menstrual cups is still bothersome. We know some of you ladies are still worried about menstrual cup sizes. But don’t worry anymore, as we bring to you the much-needed size guide.

How do you know which menstrual cup size would suit you?

Now, let’s get to the agenda right away. The cup comes in three sizes, which the women chose from. We will explain the size guide with a reference to the Floren menstrual cup.
-Tiny: The tiny cup holds 15 ml of your period’s flow. And it is recommended for teenagers. If you yourself are a young teenager, we will answer your query right here: Yes, you can use a menstrual cup. But make sure to use the tiny size.
-Small: The small cup has a carrying capacity of 20 ml.

Floren Menstrual Cup guide for all periods style

If you are past your teenage years and have entered womanhood, this is the size that you should preferably use. Don’t worry if you are sexually active; this will be enough for you.
-Large: The large cup has a carrying capacity of up to 25 ml. Women over the age of 30 and those who have given birth vaginally are advised to use the large size. Women who are highly sexually active can also use the large size.

What are the factors behind the sizing of menstrual cups?

Multiple factors are behind the sizing of a menstrual cup. The major ones are:
– Placement of the cervix- Higher the cervix, the greater the diameter of the cup.
– Period flow- Heavy or Low flow will affect the size of your cup because of its carrying capacity.

Floren Menstrual Cup is India’s first MadeSafe and Medicert-certified cup. It gives you protection for 6–8 hours and has a shelf life of 8 years, so it is going to be your period bestie for a long time.


Hopefully, this guide helped you navigate your way through the sizing of the menstrual cup and has finally cleared your doubts about the acquisition.



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