Tips to Deal With Your Periods at School or Office

Period leave has become one of the most burning issues of all time. However, as we all know, it is not being implemented everywhere, and this leaves us with no other option but to go along with the conventional “be there at school or at the office on time”. So, here we are. Let us discuss a few ways that would help you go about your day during your periods.

Ways to tackle period pain

The most difficult part about periods is the pain and cramps. You try to fight it, endure it, and clench your teeth to just get through it, but sometimes even that is not possible. Period cramps can be overwhelming, so what can you do to fight them? Especially if you’re at school or work.

Carry an electric hot water bottle. Talk to your teacher and boss. Let them know and use it to heat up all the parts of your body that are hurting. This will give you some relief.

Late Periods

Also, don’t try to fight your pain, it is not your enemy. A lot of women go through it, so take a painkiller and take it easy.

How to go about your day during your periods?

Don’t forget to hydrate. Water is going to keep your body in motion, and it will help during your periods too. Drink warm water if possible. It will also help with period cramps.

Carry a proper meal in your tiffin. Don’t try to skip your meals. It is important that your body has the energy to go throughout the day. Carry some fruits along with your lunch. Eat properly and take your time.

And dress comfortably. Well, if you are in school, make sure not to tighten your school belt too much. Give your tummy room to breathe. And if you are going to the office, wear something casual. Wear something that makes you comfortable.

Stock up on your period products. If you use pads, make sure to have enough of them in your bag so that you can change them regularly in school or the office.

Make periods a seamless experience

During your break, try to move around a bit. If doing some stretching feels like a lot, go for a stroll around your campus. This will not only make your body feel better but also brighten up your mood.

Moreover, pads in themselves are difficult to manage during periods. They cause rashes and irritation. Additionally, they need to be changed every few hours. Therefore, make a switch to Floren Menstrual Cup which will give you leak-free and stain-free protection for several hours.


All in all, know that it is a completely normal part of your life. Therefore, you need to be gentle with yourself. All the ups and downs are normal, but remember to be kind to yourself while you’re on your period.


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