Vulvodynia is a condition in which the area around the opening of your vagina becomes painful and causes a lot of discomfort. It can get so bad that you are unable to sit for long periods and sex is just a distant dream. Causes of this condition haven’t been identified and this pain can last up to three months. Any symptom identification or sign that you might have it should be enough to tell you that you need to visit your doctor for further guidance so that they can make sure your condition isn’t worsening.

There are a lot of vulvodynia symptoms. The pain might also be occasional or permanent. Symptoms include burning, soreness, pain, rawness, throbbing, itchiness in your intimate area and even painful intercourse. The pain can either be in the entire area or centric to one particular area. In some cases, the person only feels pain when the intimate area is touched. The vulva may or may not look swollen but it looks more or less the same.

Most of the times, women don’t contact their doctors in case of vulvodynia but it is a very common condition. In case of pain in genital area, contact your doctor to rule out yeast infection, bacterial infection etc.

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