Sleeping patterns during that time of day

As if mood swings, bloating, and cravings aren’t enough, the menstrual cycle can also lead to unwanted sleep changes and disruptions. Many of us experience occasional loss of quality sleep. And while statistics vary, studies consistently show that women are affected more than men.

All women are different – some may find their sleep quality affected by their menstrual cycle, while others may not. If you’ve ever spent the night before your period and tossed around in bed – perhaps throwing off your comforter because it suddenly got too hot – you know the situation well.

How to sleep better during your period

So what can you do to sleep better at night if you have menstrual-related sleep problems? To a large extent, the answer is the same as for anyone else struggling with sleep problems (but with more focus on alleviating physical symptoms).

Do Your Bedtime Routine

“Take a hot bath or shower before bed, don’t use your phone or watch TV in bed. Try reading a book, or better yet, have sex with your partner. your partner if that’s an option!” Matthews said. “Change your sheets a week before your period and maybe try some background noise in the bedroom, such as a fan, to drown out any other sounds. Warm milk or chamomile tea to drink on the way to bed, or a herbal valerian supplement or low-dose melatonin tablets will help you fall asleep. Try to avoid prescription sleeping pills.

Non- negotiable

  • Don’t skip a meal
  • Stay hydrated
  • Go to bed early
  • Stay well hydrated


Finally, it’s important to seek help if you find that your sleep problems are affecting your ability to function during the day. . We need to be healthy to sleep well and we need to sleep well to be healthy.

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