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Intimate Wash

Floren’s Promise: Floren Intimate Wash is SLS and Paraben free intimate wash that helps you keep your intimate area fresh, smooth, and hygienic all day long! Its special formula and natural extracts maintain an ideal pH balance and keep you free from irritation and itching so that you are can conquer the world every day with confidence.


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  • Wet: Wet your intimate area with a sufficient amount of water
  • Pour: Pour a few drops of Floren Intimate Wash onto your palm and form lather
  • Apply: Apply gently to your external vaginal area
  • Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with water, and enjoy freshness all day!
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Frequently asked questions

Q. Who all can use the intimate wash?
Ans. All women can use intimate wash. It is safe to use by those who experience irritation, itching, dryness and infection. You can also use it during pregnancy and periods. It is recommended to use an intimate wash instead of shower gel or soap.
Intimate wash helps balance vaginal pH level and helps your vagina to stay healthy. It helps in preventing bacterial or fungal infection in the vaginal area. It also supports the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is important for a healthy and fresh vagina.

Q. What is an intimate wash?
Ans. An intimate wash is a solution formulated especially for women to cleanse the intimate areas.

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