Do You Need to Remove Your Menstrual Cup When You Poop?

You have made the big switch to a menstrual cup, but this did not come to mind. Since you actually had to go through it? Or are you thinking of making a switch and want to know what you should do in this case? We have the answer prepared for you.

Where should you keep the menstrual cup while pooping?

To answer this question, let’s start with the female vaginal anatomy. We have three holes down there. One is called the urethra, which is where you pee. The second one is called the vagina. This is the place where you bleed, and sexual intercourse happens here. This is also the hole through which women give birth to their offspring. And then the last one is called the anus. This is the hole from which you poop.

Why is this knowledge important?

Because this tells you that the period cup is placed inside your vagina. And your poop comes out of your anus. So, you don’t need to take out your menstrual cup while taking a dump.

Floren Menstrual Cup

It has a different passage and won’t come in contact with your cup. So, next time, go ahead and take a chill with the cup inside.


However, you do need to drain your cup after the 8-hour interval. You need to clean it with water or a cup wash, or just simply wipe it with an intimate wipe or tissue. Following that, re-insert it and go on about your day without worrying about a thing.


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