Different ways to prevent UTI

Have you ever experienced that burning sensation when you pass urine? Or that annoying and frequent urge to pee but very little comes out? Or that fever and chills that all point to having Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)? According to medical studies, 4 in 10 women experience UTIs and women are far more likely to get them than men due to our shorter urethra that enables the bacteria to travel faster. But that doesn’t mean we should live with it or worry about how to prevent UTIs.

Here are certain treatment remedies for UTI prevention:

First of all, always pee after intercourse or any sexual activity or if not at the moment try to do it within 10 mins to prevent any bacteria from going into your vagina.

While travelling outside or there are no other options available around you, you have one option to go to the public washroom, so surely carry toilet seat covers which are disposable and you can use to prevent any fungal infection or UTI.

Increase your fluid rate, drink plenty of water or stay hydrated all the time so that you don’t get any infection.

Some types of birth control increase your chance of developing UTIs. These include diaphragms, unlubricated or spermicide condoms. They could all contribute to bacterial growth. Consulting your gynaecologist for other options for birth control could help.

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